Buy mangoes online from Malaga

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Buy mangoes online from Malaga

Buy mangoes online from Malaga at just one click. Just as easy, so simple you can bring home a fruit that has been harvested hours before the tree and that will reach you in 24 / 48 hours home.


The days on which the purchases are prepared and sent will be on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The orders that will leave on Thursdays will be those made on Wednesday until 15:00 hrs. After this time, will leave on Monday. The reason for this shipping policy is not other than to avoid storage of the purchase made during the weekend by the transport company in the event that any incident occurs. Circumstance totally contrary to our philosophy of the tree to the box and to home.

Why don’t we prepare orders on Fridays?

Because we would tear down one of our fundamental pillars, from the tree to your house. If we prepare an order on Friday it would not arrive until Monday to your destination, should be the box deposited in the warehouses of the transport company.


1. You place an order on Tuesday at 15:00 hrs., it will arrive on Thursday. In other words, it would be prepared on Wednesday morning and picked up by the transport company at our farm. Thursday would be in delivery.

2. If you confirm an order between; on Wednesday from 15:00 hrs. until Sunday at 17:00 hrs., you will receive it on Tuesday (since the orders will be prepared and collected on Monday morning so that they are in delivery on Tuesday.

What if I’m not home when the messenger arrives?

After a first attempt, the transport company will arrange an appointment with the customer for a second. In case of impossibility to deliver at home, you can do it in the nearest parcel shop or in the office during customer service hours. However, the company will send an email containing a link to know the status of your order, you can even manage your delivery.

The order is waived if the following circumstances apply:

1. After two failed delivery attempts, having contacted the customer.

2. Unable to contact the customer, transport company or MANCATE TROPICAL FRUIT, within three working days from the delivery person’s first contact.

As a customer of MANCATE TROPICAL FRUIT, after making a purchase on the web, mail, whatsapp, or telephone, you can claim the withdrawal, change or replacement within 2 hours from the moment you made the purchase.

In any case, we would appreciate the communication of any incident to be able to transfer it, as quickly as possible, to the transport company and find the most convenient solution for the customer.

Delivery time.

The delivery time of the purchase will be between 24 and 48 hrs. for the peninsula, starting such calculation since the company makes the collection of the purchase from our facilities.

For the larger islands of the Balearic Islands, the deadline is extended to 72 hrs.

In the case of countries of the European Union, they shall be as follows:

Germany: 2-4 days.

France: 1-3 days (not Corsica).

Netherlands: 2-4 days.

Denmark: 2-4 days.

Czech Republic: 2-4 days.

Italy: 2-4 days.

Belgium: 2-3 days.

Austria: 2-4 days.

Luxembourg: 2-4 days.

Portugal: 2-3 days.

England: 3-4 days (excluding: Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands and Man Islands).

During the situation caused by the Covid-19 and until it is regulated, shipments may be delayed.

The fruit offered by MANCATE TROPICAL FRUIT to its customers are selected and harvested at its optimum ripening point. The orders that are served are prepared directly under the tree a few hours from your shipment. Our products do not go through cold rooms, they are not subjected to any chemical treatment. From tree to box and home, that’s product traceability, no storage or stock.


MANCATE TROPICAL FRUIT has two farms, differentiated by the type of crop. Both plots are located in Torrox, belonging to the region of Axarquía and this in turn to the province of Malaga.

In the farm MONTEALEGRE, avocados, chirimoyos, medlar and pomegranates are grown and in the Finca La Dehesa, Mirador del Mediterráneo mangoes are grown.

MANCATE TROPICAL FRUIT offers the products of its own farm, exclusively own products. Excess production is used for another form of sale. The fruit that is offered has to be seasonal, we do not have for sale products that are not cultivated by us.

We want to offer a product that ripens in the tree and reaches the home of the final consumer, without intermediaries. The most natural process possible.


After manually collecting the fruit at its optimum ripening point, in the absence of a few days for its final ripening, and in the same field, they are placed in the personalized box of MANCATE TROPICAL FRUIT placing the lid on each of them. In the case of some fruits for their utmost delicacy, they are protected with tubular mesh thus ensuring that they reach the customer in perfect condition. They are transferred to our premises in the absence, only, of the placement of the shipping sticker and waiting to be picked up by the transport company, which, daily issues approximate pick-up time to shorten the waiting time of the orders.

In each order we will try to mark with a red paper the fruit that is closer to its final ripening, to facilitate the consumer’s choice of the fruit to be consumed first. However, although our intention is to facilitate the consumption of fruit, nature is unpredictable.


We have such confidence in our products, for their quality, taste and freshness, that we guarantee the refund of the amount or replacement of the fruit in case our customers were not satisfied.


In the event that the box or product arrived damaged. To do this, it is essential to note it on the delivery note to be provided by the courier. Due to the situation of the Covid-19, if the courier does not provide you with any document, you should review the condition of the fruit in the presence of the courier and write down the incidence you deem appropriate. In parallel, you should contact MANCATE TROPICAL FRUIT immediately to request explanations and responsibilities for what happened.


Credit Card / Debit (VISA - MASTER CARD)

Bank transfer Account no: ES6200494337282110018756

Paypal + 1.06 €

BIZUM (Currently disabled in the web payment virtual gateway).

At this time to make the payment by bizum, once registered, you can do it by following these steps:

1. Put in the cart the desired purchase.

2. Once you get to choose the payment method, select bank transfer and complete the purchase.

3. Instead of making a transfer, do bizum with your phone number 601641158.

4. Once MANCATE TROPICAL FRUIT receives the payment, the status of your order is changed to ACCEPTED PAYMENT.

5. You will receive a confirmation of your purchase and your order will be prepared shortly.

For any extra clarification you can do it in the following ways:

Tel: 601641158


Whatsapp: 601641158

Telegram: 601641158

Web contact form: Contact

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