Optimal maturation of the avocado

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When can I eat the avocado? And other tricks.

It may seem complex to know when the avocado is at its optimum consumption point, but with these tips you will become an expert.

1. Color and touch.

They are the most important indicators and can be easily checked. According to its color, we can be clear if this fruit is ready to be consumed. We will analyze the colors since from them will depend the different process of maturation and touch to ratify your state.

The intense green color, the avocado is green and later we will give a few natural tricks to accelerate its maturation.

When the green changes to darker tones and darker tones appear pulling to purple ... the moment approaches. This means that, depending on some factors, this delicacy lacks very little, about two days in normal conditions.

Finally we have that purple color that, when placing the fruit in the palm of the hand, with the fingertips, in a very soft and delicate way, we notice that it sinks slightly to the touch, finally is to consume!

On the other hand, if we have that purple color pulling black, and by putting it in the palm of the hand and touching it with the fingertips, these sink without making pressure, it is passed.

NOTE: From April/ May, we can find some avocados that have that purple color on one side, that means it has been caught from the tree recently. That stain is caused by the sun and does not cause any damage to the fruit. It is a "trademark" warranty that has not been taken prematurely from the tree.

2. By the stem.

Remove the peduncle, which is the carving that joins the avocado to the tree, and you can see the color of the pulp inside. If the pulp is green, the avocado should wait to be consumed, but if it has a yellow color it is at its optimum point. On the other hand, if it has a dark color, it will be past.

At Mancate Tropical Fruit, we decided to mark the avocado we thought could ripen faster. These avocados will be wrapped with red silk paper, the rest with recycled paper of another color. It does not mean that it is ripe, we only try to indicate that in our opinion the marked fruit could ripen earlier.

What to do to make the avocados mature in a staggered way?

Depending on the quantity you have bought, you will have more or fewer pieces. For example, when buying 2 kilos, you will have between 8/10 fruits. We will give you a few tricks for conservation and others to naturally accelerate your maturation.

When you receive the box Mancate with the avocados, you will make a division, 4 - 3 - 2, this means that we will keep 4 pieces in the refrigerator, 3 in the fruit bowl wrapped in paper bag or newspaper sheet and 2 we will leave inside the box in the warmest place of the house. We will be consuming first those that we have stored in the box, which we will review daily because the deadline will depend on the temperature of each zone and each season of the year. Secondly, we will consume the fruit bowl. Finally, we will remove from the fridge as we consume the fruit bowl.

Use the above ratio for 4 kg boxes.

Once the avocado is split ... How can I keep the other part?

With this subject, hundreds of blogs, articles, tutorial videos have been written, etc. What we can tell you is that after trying all the tricks that we have found, there is one that we rate as the most effective. It is simple, take a tupper or bowl and prepare a bed of chopped onion, then place half of the avocado (side of the skin), over the onion. We put transparent film and store it in the fridge. It should last a couple of days.

The second, for simplicity and efficiency, add a few drops of lemon to the pulp of the avocado that we are going to keep, film and refrigerator.

In relation to the previous paragraph, many of our customers accept the advice to ask us for medium parts so that they can be consumed at the moment. This way, we avoid saving the other half.

We have also found some curiosity, such as that avocados with bananas and apples ripen faster because of the ethylene that those fruits give off.

With all the tests carried out, we come to a conclusion, that everything depends on the ambient temperature of each house, the time of year, degree of humidity, etc. Therefore, we advise you division 4-3-2 and go checking daily the state of the fruits.

For any clarification or consultation, do not hesitate to do so by social networks, email or phone, we will be happy to assist you. Your satisfaction is our commitment Mancate.

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Esta información es tremendamente útil !
Tendría que venir adjuntada en cada caja...muy interesante. Gracias.

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